What is a psalm?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 27, 2015
What is a psalm?

In religious literature there are many genres, among which poetry occupies a fairly weighty place. It has its own characteristics, and to its execution have special requirements. One of the types of such poetry is psalms.

Consider further what a psalm is.

The psalm in Christian prayer-poetry is one of the genres, as well as a form of poetry that serves as the basis for worship services. A collection of psalms called Psalter (Psalms). The Psalms emit various types of psalms.

Types of Psalms

There are two reasons for the classification of psalms:

  1. By content. Such psalms are determined by the main theme. For example: creation, sacred history, law, wisdom and others.
  2. By genre. It is more formal and comes from the characteristics of the genre. For example, hymns of praise, communal and individual laments and others.

How are the psalms performed?

Based on the genres, it is clear that they are all performed differently. There are psalms that are sung in a choir or ensemble. In some traditions, there are even models of performance called tunes.But there are other psalms for which music is not always needed, but, on the contrary, privacy and the home environment are important.