Let's talk today about, dear reader, what are the versions of revision or change of various games, programs and utilities. As you know, many developers create additional or modified versions of programs to make them more convenient or functional, and sometimes just to bring a bit of diversity and originality into their product. It's about the so-called Repack. So:

What is Repack?

Repack version of the game is needed in order to reduce the amount of the place that this game occupies on the disk. As a rule, all videos are cut out from the original version of the game, audio files in WAV-format are converted to a more compressed format, for example, OGG. Also, and this is the main point, all components of the game are subject to significant compression without loss of content. Usually, 7-Zip and FreeArc are used for compression. Repack has the form of an archive that takes up much less disk space. This method of remaking games and programs allow multimedia pirates to create disk images. That is, to produce a disk not in their real physical form, but to create virtual disk files that are recognized by a computer as quite real physical media. An important detail is that the games are compressed only in the installation view.After the installation is completed, they take up as much disk space as the original game would take.

It should be noted and emphasized that the goal of Repack is not always the compression of the game or program files. Some repacks are designed to somehow change the encoding of the files in the game or change their configuration; add or replace existing models in the game and thereby change, at least a little, the game world.

Let's turn to the main advantages of Repack before the original version of the program or game:

  • Repack, as a rule, can be downloaded much faster, since the installation weight of the application is much less than the weight of the original;
  • You can burn the repack to a 4.7 GB DVD;
  • The frequent presence of patches to the application;
  • Most repacks are provided with original application guides in a convenient electronic format;
  • Availability of additional downloadable content from the Internet. In case you purchase the original game, sometimes you have to download additional materials from the Internet from the manufacturer’s website. Repack version, as a rule, saves the user from this extra work.
  • Presence in the repack utilities NoDVD or NoCD.
  • What is the repack version of the game? Often it contains a more complete version of the game itself with the latest patches and additions, which does not require a real disc for its work. As a bonus, the repack author may also include unofficial modifications, additional soundtracks, and more that the user may be interested in.

A little about the negative aspects of Repack versions of games and programs:

  • Sometimes the installation of repacks can last up to several hours. The installation speed depends on the power of the computer and the degree of compression of the application.
  • In order to be able to work with some ISO disk images, you must additionally install applications such as UltraISO, Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.
  • Installing Repack may require more resources of the computer’s RAM than installing the original. This, again, depends on the degree of compression of the application.