What is rubber asphalt

They propose to cover the courtyard in the country with this material, they say it will be slippery and trauma-safe, what kind of material, have you never seen such a thing, how long is it durable and how does it behave in general?
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Answered on April 9, 2017 18:22
Well, you can see the same material on the playground, in my opinion there is such a thing in every city now, in my opinion it’s strong enough and long-lasting like we did this kind of sports playground. I tell you, excellent coverage.
Exactly, is this how it is on sports grounds? Well, sort of good, we have made such a platform near our house, I like it, it really does not slip and it does not hurt to fall. I will mean to do this, in the sharp I found out the prices, I'm waiting for the weather to settle.