What is sex?

Alexander Duz
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Sex is a relationship of the sexes, which is based on the instinct of procreation, but goes far beyond it. Roughly speaking, the meaning of sex is to strive to manifest and satisfy sexual desire. Today there are a great many of its species. It is about what sex is and how it happens that we will discuss in this article.


The most accessible type of sex is monosex, since it requires the participation of only one person. Conventionally, this kind of sex implies irritation of the genitals and erogenous zones with the purpose of getting pleasure. In modern society, monosex is called by different terms. The most common names are "masturbation" and "masturbation."

Vaginal sex

This kind of sex is the only justifiable, both from a moral and physiological point of view. Only vaginal sex provides procreation. Technically, this type of sex is reduced to the introduction of the male sexual organ into the female with subsequent gestures causing ejaculation.

Oral sex

This type of sex is sex, in which the role of one of the genitals is not performed by the partner�s genitals, but by his lips, teeth, and tongue. Allocate cunnilingus and blowjob. In the first case, with the help of the above-mentioned parts of the body, the female organ is irritated, in the second - the man. Speaking about what oral sex is, it is impossible not to note the following: in spite of the fact that it existed at all times, this type of love joys is considered perverted. Although, according to some sources, about 70 percent of couples around the world practice muffin and blowjob.

Anal sex

In this article, one can not say what anal sex is. It combines all types of sex in which the anus is used as the genital organs. Today, this type of enjoyment, which is also considered perverted, is actively practiced not only by homosexuals, but also by heterosexual couples.

Mental sex

This type combines many areas of proximity, in which the partners are not in contact with each other through the genitals. Perhaps the most famous example of mental sex is the so-called tantric.What is tantric sex? This kind of intimacy involves sex in an altered state of consciousness, when a woman and a man seem to balance between reality and sleep. Today there are many techniques to achieve this state.

Virtual sex

Humanity has learned what virtual sex is relatively recently. This kind of sexual comfort was the result of technical progress. The development of telephones and the Internet has led to the emergence of such intimacy directions, in which there is no proximity itself. In order to satisfy sexual fantasies in this case, communication with a partner via telephony or video communication is used.