What is SSD?

January 13, 2015
What is SSD?

Abbreviation HDD - hard-disk drive - many have already remembered and understand that this is a hard disk. But what is SSD - a new abbreviation, which in recent years is used more often than HDD? Read about it in our article.

SSD: decryption

SSD stands for solid-state drive and translates into Russian as “solid state drive” or, less accurately, “solid state drive”. Behind this abbreviation is a new storage technology, more progressive than traditional hard drives.

SSD: what is it?

So, what is this - an SSD disk? The main feature of such a drive is the absence of moving parts. In conventional hard drives, data is stored on rotating plates, and this rotation causes a number of flaws: first, it slows down data reading, secondly, it speeds up drive wear and makes it more vulnerable to shock, and third, it generates noise when working.

In the SSD does not rotate anything - the data is stored in flash memory, and recorded and erased using electric charges.Because of this, SSDs work very quickly, do not produce any sounds, and are easier to withstand shocks and falls.

True, there is this technology and disadvantages. SSDs are much more expensive than hard drives of comparable capacity. In addition, the specificity of flash technology imposes a limit on the number of rewriting cycles, therefore, in theory, SSDs can fail earlier than hard drives, although practically modern SSDs are quite able to successfully withstand the average life of a regular user computer.

What is SSD for?

Since the solid-state drive, as already mentioned above, is not the cheapest pleasure, it is not worth buying it to replace the usual hard drive. To store large amounts of data that do not require high-speed reading, SSD is still not the best choice. You should not use it for those files that are repeatedly overwritten during the day, otherwise the lifetime of the drive will quickly come to an end.

It is best to install an operating system on the SSD - then it will work much faster. Both applications and games that benefit from high speed data reading from the drive will benefit from this.