What is steak?

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What is steak?

What is a steak, if not a selected piece of meat or a piece of fish fillet cooked on fire? When it comes to meat, beef is most often used. Often beef steak is called a steak, which translates as "beef piece of meat."

The British were the first to breed cows for food, and not just for milk, and then came the understanding of the value of young meat, not the meat of an old animal, as happened before: when a cow could no longer produce good milk, it was killed. You can understand why steaks or steaks have not been very popular before.

Steak can be influenced not only by the type of animal, in this case, a cow. Its nutrition is also very important - it affects the taste characteristics of meat. For steaks use meat of young bulls, which are pre-fattened with corn and wheat. It helps the meat to accumulate a large fat layer. For this reason, beef is called marble and is considered to be elite.

There are several types of steak roasting:

  • Very rare;
  • Rare (with blood);
  • Medium rare (weak roasting);
  • Medium (medium rare);
  • Medium Well (almost fried);
  • Well done (roasted).

As mentioned above, steaks can be made from any meat: beef, pork, etc. If you make fish steak, it will also be quite tasty.