What is the beauty of man?

In simple words, beauty is objects and phenomena that are pleasant to our vision, hearing and other sensations. But what is the beauty of man? The answer to this question has been given repeatedly throughout the conscious life of mankind, and we have collected for you the most interesting thoughts on this matter.

What is the beauty of man

Speech here can go both about the external form, and about the internal contents. A harmonious personality is the person about whom it is said that everything is beautiful in him: both the soul and the body. One often hears that physical health and beauty leads to moral full value and vice versa - a person who is spiritually healthy should not have any physical problems.

But if this were so, then people beautiful, strong and resilient would be entirely noble and generous, and the opposite would be true. However, this is very weakly true. So what do we mean by "the beauty of man"? As for physical beauty, which we will mainly talk about in the next chapter, here we are talking about the correct face shapes and a strong and beautiful body. The first is more important for women, the second - for men.

Subjective assessments

Note that the concept of external beauty is very subjective. So, what is perceived as beauty by one people may mean ugliness and almost deformity for another. There are examples when one or another people valued a certain shape of the head or body. What to go far - remember how many times the ideal of beauty has changed in the same Europe.

The fashion for a miniature, chiseled "antique" female figure was replaced in the Middle Ages by fashion into "Rubens" magnificent forms. In the XX century, the fashion for the notorious 90-60-90, and then women began to harass themselves with diets at all, so that the waist was as thin as possible. An observant person understands that this fashion will soon pass away as soon as two or three generations change. The same can be said about the fashion on the facial features. The brightest evidence is the work of artists and photographers; it is precisely on these works from different eras that one can clearly see how fashion has changed. That is why external beauty is a rather transient thing and is evaluated individually.

Inner beauty of man

We have dealt with the appearance - there simply is not a single ideal of beauty and cannot be, therefore, it is enough that a person is simply pleasant.And here comes to the fore something more important, namely: how nice we are to be with this person. This means that he must have certain character traits suitable for the person with whom this person communicates. This is very important because the requirements for internal beauty may vary somewhat.

However, there is a certain set of qualities that were valued, probably, at all times. Decency, responsibility, honesty, courage, ability to empathize. It is the combination of these qualities that makes it possible to talk about a person who is internally beautiful. It is in this that the spiritual beauty of man, his true essence, is manifested. Note that such virtues are characteristic of almost all world religions and other beliefs.

The true beauty of man

So we come to the definition of what is the true or absolute beauty of man. Regardless of the opinion of the masses about external beauty, religions - about the beauty of the spiritual. And it turns out that by this is meant the maximum naturalness and the absence of pretense, clearly demonstrated in actions.

By naturalness is meant precisely the absence of lies and hypocrisy, and not at all unbridledness and doing what one wants.Agree, there is a difference between doing the right thing and the way you want it. That is why true beauty is simple and unsophisticated, and when you meet such a person, you may not be right away, but it will still become noticeable that he is not trying to make an impression on anyone. His ego has outgrown this stage, which means that the natural beauty of his soul has become visible to everyone who wants to see it and who seeks beauty not artificial, which is our outer shell, but to true naturalness in its highest manifestation. Some say that it is only possible to strive for true beauty, and to achieve it, like to reach the Absolute, is unreal. Well - maybe they are right.