Why dream of a boy?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
August 6, 2012
Why dream of a boy?

From seeing a dream, especially in people who are too impressionable, the mood may deteriorate, which will not go wrong in the morning. A good dream, if it is associated with feelings, can inspire, and the day will pass fleetingly, leaving only good memories. Do you agree?

If you dreamed of a boy, then read that this dream was brought: a good mood or a spoiled day.

What is the boy dreaming - interpretation

To see a crying boy means that it’s time to remember about your family, give it attention and ask about the troubles of its members. A man, seeing himself as a boy, should arrange a rest for himself - the psyche is overloaded, because not everything in life is fixated on work.

What is dreaming baby boy

Dream guide Maya is encouraging in this case. Having seen the boy playing baby, soon you will change the place of work. And in order for all this to be for the better, it is necessary to eat potatoes fried in corn oil.

A boy who eats something, dreams of indigestion.For a woman to see a boy in a dream is, above all, profit, but the fighting tomboy is getting into an unpleasant, even, one might say, dirty business.

Why dream of a little boy

According to the Gypsy calendar, to see a little boy in his dream is a sign of good luck in everything. At work and at home you will be fine. A teenage boy is like evidence that the hard and fruitful work will be paid in full. So work hard.

But Eastern Dreambook argues that a little boy dreams of the upcoming troubles and difficult work that will not bring results. A girl, having seen herself in a dream as a boy, should look for a couple for marriage - it is already time. I agree with this definition and the Modern Dream Book, which means that it is really worth thinking about it.

As you can see, the interpretation of the same dream is different. Can we be happy optimists and choose the best interpretations of our dreams? Failures will be perceived easier if we expect good.