What is there in his phone: is it worth checking?

Here answer honestly, first of all, to yourself. If you had your spouse’s phone in front of you, you would have known the password and you would have had an hour without the risk of fawn — would you have climbed? No? Because already climbed yesterday?

I will honestly say: I will get into the phone of my man at any convenient opportunity.

What is there in his phone: is it worth checking?

Let him not think that he gave me a video on YouTube to watch, but he went to get some bread, and I’ll watch this video, put the phone and start watering the flowers. It doesn’t matter if I have any suspicions about him or I’m serenely happy and trust him unconditionally. Rather, in the case of suspicion, I would, on the contrary, think a hundred times whether I am ready to find compromising material or better to take care of the psyche. And serenely happy, I would have crawled just like that, pure posed.

I can not help it. I do not suffer from delusions of control and special jealousy, but if there is a chance to get into foreign territory and dig there well, I will do it anyway.And, most terrible, I will not even be tormented by my conscience, that, they say, I act ugly. The maximum is that when the fingers are already poking at the buttons, I will think: “Ugly, ugly - you will think! But how interesting is it! ”

Once I had a funny story about it. A long time yet. I had a husband. Then one day he says, they say, today I will not come home for the night, I will stay with Lehi, and Lech lived far away in the area, so justified. On the fig, my poor hubby will trot into the night drunk at the far side of the land just for the sake of a hard-faced face to my sleeping ear. I was a loyal and understanding wife.

But around 9 pm, he appeared at home, whistling, as if nothing had happened, and went to bathe. Here, the sanctioned absence of my husband at home did not arouse suspicion. And unauthorized presence caused. Well, I grabbed his phone and let's rummage. And then there was still a time of 3310, so there is no need for a big mind. It is now, big-and-in: vatsap check, weiber check, aimessedzh, telegram, fb-chatik, vkontaktika-chatik - damn it; some morons still in the mail.ru-agent are still found, skype still - how to do everything ???

Generally,I quickly found SMS in the correspondence in the form of some Lyudmila, who had committed another's husband (that is, my) husband to her home address for that evening, and then she herself transferred the meeting. For tomorrow. I thought: "I see." But the husband is at home, smiling and playful, like a young retriever. I began to be silent. Just to admit that I violated personal space without a precedent, and scandal is not our method.

What is there in his phone: is it worth checking?

So I said nothing, but with a friend, of course, I rubbed it all over. And the next day my husband calls me and says that, well, they said, yesterday I couldn’t go to Lech, I will go today. And I know what this Lech is for, which Ludmila. Well, I beat my girlfriend right away, like “zyr-ka Lyus, I was still going to be a dog”. And send ... Husband! By mistake, naturally.

The battle was mortal - who is to blame. He was only going to sin, and I, you see, I do not trust him in advance. Nearly divorced then

And then I never again found anything terrible for anyone. Only once found, well, so, not a crime, but unpleasant. But there already was essentially all the same.

And now you give. Who is noble - go to the right and tell us how terrible this is and how you do not at all.Who is honest - to the left and share stories. And never, never leave your phone next to me. Even reserved. I have good vision, I have long remembered your password. And by the way, I don’t even have a password on my phone. Take who wants, look who wants, a current in a face chur not to beat! I warned!