What is TP?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
April 19, 2012
What is TP?

First, let's look at what TP means in a general sense. The most common definition of TP in the network is "Dumb P ** yes." The expression has become a common noun, in relation to the representatives of the weaker sex, whom nature has cheated by intelligence. Often, such individuals are found in social networks. For example, what is TP in contact:

  • On the avatar, there will definitely be her photo in which the TP is captured with a "duck lips" (jaws), most likely, opposite the mirror.
  • The photo will be framed in a frame that impresses with its bad taste. Most likely, it will not be possible without the resource stamp with which this frame was made (like superava.ru or avabomba.ru).
  • The wall will be littered with pseudo-philosophical statuses quoting favorite blunt songs ** Paulo Coelho and Begbedera. The statuses should emphasize the deep inner world and the highly educated hostess of the page.
  • With self-esteem, TP doesn’t have any problems, in any case it cannot be understated.
  • TP has the ability to constantly argue on the topic of "what a real man should be," expecting a "prince on a white horse."

In addition, Stupid Pi ** y can be determined by the way of kaverkat your name, use hyperbanl nicknames, like fallen_angel; TP shows love for cigarettes, coffee, window sills, etc., which makes them related to vanilla.

What is TP in the environment of gamers

Abbreviation TP has become common in the world of gamers. It originated from the word "teleport".

Teleport is the ability to move in space to any of its points instantly, without passing through intermediate points. TP can mean both teleport itself and the corresponding action - teleportation.

So the expression in the game chat “All TP to clan hall” would mean a command — teleport everyone to clan hall — and in the question “Where is TP?”, TP means teleport - a device for teleportation, a kind of spatial gate.