What is the TRP?

January 12, 2015
What is the TRP?

In the USSR, all citizens sought to give the necessary sports training on a specially designed program. Consider what the TRP is and how this program is being revived today in the Russian Federation. The abbreviation for the TRP means "ready for work and defense." This was the name of the general physical education program that existed in educational institutions, as well as in all professional organizations.

TRP Features

The TRP program appeared in the 30s of the last century. It gained popularity in Leningrad, and subsequently spread throughout the country. In 1972, the second round of propaganda of the TRP began, and the established standards were revised. The program has operated continuously since 1931. Successful delivery of standards was marked with special gold and silver badges.Citizens who annually passed the regulations received honorary insignia.

Members of the organization were divided by age into five groups.Each of the age groups should have successfully passed the standards of sports training, including:

  • run;
  • jumps;
  • swimming;
  • throwing the ball;
  • ski race;
  • pull-ups;
  • shooting;
  • cyclocross;
  • hiking trip.

The whole complex of the TRP was created with the aim of developing and improving the health of citizens. He was at the heart of the whole system and helped develop the sports movement. Citizens of the state who have reached 10 years of age were allowed to participate in this program.

Revival of the TRP

In 2013, a meeting was held at which issues of sports development were discussed. In its course, it was noted that many children suffer from chronic diseases, and the situation with adolescent physical education has remained unchanged for many years. The predominance of paid sports schools takes away from many children the opportunity to play sports.

In order to solve this problem, the TRP system was revived, adopting a modern format. For it, standards were developed to meet the development of children. Information about the level of sports training will be made in the certificate, as well as taken into account with subsequent admission to universities.

The introduction of the TRP in schools began in 2014. Within its framework, special programs for children are being developed. The second stage is planned to begin in 2016, it will mean the expansion of the program and the inclusion of students and other groups of the population in it.At the third stage, expected in 2017, the TRP program will be introduced for all groups of the population.