What is wooden?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
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What is wooden?

The 100 to 1 TV Game has become so popular among TV viewers that it soon became widespread on the Internet. Appeared applications for phones, various online competitions, battles and quizzes. Some questions in this game are quite difficult to answer, help is needed. We will give you a hint on one such question, namely: what is wooden?

So, the most popular answers of passersby on the street:

  1. Table - the most popular answer - the most popular piece of furniture made of wood.
  2. Chair - not much inferior to the table.
  3. House - cottage, cottage, village house, mostly, really, are built of wood.
  4. Spoon - many have already forgotten about this item, and in fact, such spoons were used both for food and as a musical instrument.
  5. The floor - wooden houses are less, but the wooden floor is very popular.
  6. The door is another ubiquitous item, which is also made of wood.

We hope we helped you!