What is xenophobia?

Natalya Taraskina
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What is xenophobia?

Intricate words entered our life long ago. And already many are familiar with the word �phobia�. It means fear or fear of something or someone. And in combination with some other word, you can specifically find out what's the matter.

So what is xenophobia? Translated from the Greek (xenos) means - "alien". In other words, it is an obsessive fear and rejection of a stranger or unfamiliar person, actions. And if it is not clear, it means hostile. And if this understanding enters the human consciousness, it can cause hostility, ranging from national or religious to social separation.

How does this �fear� look

If viewed from the point of view of biology, it can be called the instinct of self-preservation. Which helps to protect yourself and your race from the "alien" elements. And this applies not only to protection from predators, but also from individuals that are not part of a clan or family. Thus, xenophobia is the protection and preservation of life.

Man is considered a "rational" creature, unlike many other animals.But if we pay more specific attention to it, then we will see all these signs in ourselves (in humans). When a child is born, who does he perceive, as a rule, unconditionally? That's right - my mother. If dad was constantly with his mother, he would be the second person to be perceived by the child. A grandmother, grandfather, and even more so aunts and uncles far in the background. But to strangers for a long time the child will be wary.

What is xenophobia in the modern world

Xenophobia is often equated with nationalism, however, this is not quite so. Nationalist people do not necessarily have hostile feelings towards other nations or religions.

Since people have little interest in the life and customs of others, hence there are assumptions about barbaric mores, from their point of view. Such sentiments can be supported intentionally, for example, to incite hatred between groups of people or entire nations.

There must be common sense in everything. In every aspect of life there should be mutual understanding. And smaller "phobias" to us, no matter how beautiful they may sound.