What kind of car to buy for 500,000 rubles

Beginner motorists are wondering for 500,000 rubles. The sum of half a million rubles is a kind of psychological barrier, which the beginners do not want to overcome.

They are of the opinion that if something happens with an expensive vehicle, you will have to spend money on restoration. If the price does not exceed 500 thousand, the car is cheaper to repair and maintain.

The automotive market is full of offers, many of which are attractive and fit the specified budget. At the beginning of the article we consider the model in detail. It is possible that this will help in choosing and purchasing a vehicle.

Sample list of cars

The cars offered by the market for 500 thousand money are compact sedans or small hatchbacks.

  • Hyundai solaris. The most popular car for half a million rubles is the South Korean sedan Hyundai Solaris. Even before the official presentation, endless queues lined up behind the model. For little money, the car offers a spacious interior, roomy trunk, a good set of options and design.
  • Kia rio. A good option is Kia Rio from South Korea.The model has the same functions as the previous one. Cars differ only in suspension and cost. With the same package of options, the Rio model is more expensive by several tens of thousands.
  • Nissan almera. A year ago, the Japanese brand Nissan presented to the public an updated version of the Almera model, which was honored with a new design and an extended package of options. The car immediately became popular because it looks like a luxury Teana sedan, and is not inferior to the Solaris model in terms of equipment. The car has a drawback - the back sofa folds up only in a top-end configuration, which costs well over 500,000. Therefore, the car does not suit summer residents and people who carry long loads in the cabin.
  • Volkswagen Polo. If you carefully study the products of the German automotive industry, it turns out that for that kind of money you can become the owner of a Russian-made German car. This is a Volkswagen Polo sedan. The model attracted fans of German technology, who can not afford more expensive transport. For half a million rubles, the happy owner of a sedan gets German quality, a classic design that is always in fashion, an excellent set of options.
  • Skoda Fabia. An alternative to the sedan is the hatchback Skoda Fabia. For 500,000 the owner of the car gets a full set of functions, including heated seats, air conditioning, a pair of airbags and other automotive systems.

The answer to the question depends on the preferences of the person. If cars value design and a spacious interior, buy Solaris. If you consider the undisputed advantage of the option package, give preference to the Almera model. Polo and Fabia compacts are suitable if you are interested in reliability, design or no parking problems.

The list of cars that are included in this price range can be expanded with the models Reno Logan, Lada Granta and Lada Vesta. The last two options, though the brainchild of domestic industry, but the first two years of operation problems and failures are not observed. If these options do not fit, collect the will in a fist and buy a Chevrolet Cruze on credit. The car will please with comfort, design and other characteristics.

What new car to buy for 500 000 rubles

Low cost cars are popular. Most sales in the salons fall in the price category up to half a million rubles. Car manufacturers know this, so they offer motorists a wide range of models from this price segment.I note that the data is relevant at the beginning of 2015, the situation with prices is constantly changing due to currency fluctuations.

Such machines are considered ultrabudgetary, as the amount is too modest by today's standards. This year, most of the buyers from the economy segment have gone over to the manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom, which offer sports hatchbacks, crossovers and premium sedans in stock. There are few offers from European, American, Korean and Japanese companies in this class.

  1. I ranked firstRenault Logannew generation. Since the model is built in Russia, it is protected from excessive price hikes due to the volatility of the financial market. The car will offer a galvanized body, a new design, acceptable comfort, attractive packaging and powerplant.
  2. The second line of the ranking took German sedanVolkswagen Polo. The car is also going on the territory of the Russian Federation, which makes the cost attractive to buyers. If you decide to spend half a million on the purchase of an iron horse, in return, you will receive an excellent engine, mechanics, and reliable suspension.The machine will appreciate the thoughtful dimensions and practicality.
  3. Many car enthusiasts associate a budget class with low-quality cars that are unable to live up to expectations and money spent. There is some truth in this, but do not forget about the exceptions that the model has becomeHyundai solaris. I gave this car the third place, as it is characterized by an excellent base engine, transmission, suspension and reliability of systems, components and assemblies. The advantages include cheap service.
  4. The last participant in the rating was the modelSkoda Rapid. The car has not expensive, but not bad systems and units, which allows you to successfully compete with the representatives of the B-class. The list of indisputable advantages is represented by a spacious interior, level of comfort, reliability of the suspension and power unit, new design, providing excellent perception. Skoda Rapid - a good car without any frills.

If the car market continues to move up in the issue of prices, in a few years for that kind of money it will be possible to buy only domestic models. While regular players of the budget segment remain optimal for the consumer, and cars from Europe every year it is more difficult to compete in the economy segment.

What used car to buy for 500 000 rubles

Half a million rubles is the amount that is enough to buy new cars in the minimum configuration, which was discussed above. At the same time, the car market will offer a coupe, crossover or luxury sedan for the money. The further conversation will go about buying a used car for 500 000 rubles.

  • Kia rioin the maximum configuration. A good car, adapted to the Russian roads. If you look closely at the iron horse, it turns out that this is a modified version of the Hyundai Solaris model. The car will offer two options for the body, four complete sets and a pair of engines.
  • A good alternative to the first option I thinkOpel astra. The model appeared on the market in 2004 and sales were successful for 5 years. The current version with the Family prefix in the name on the secondary market is available in five body styles. The car was assembled in Russia and equipped with French and German engines.
  • Volkswagen Passat B6, whose production was stopped in 2010. The motors that completed the car, worked on diesel and gasoline. There was also a unique power plant that used bioethanol.You can buy a car in the secondary market in a station wagon or sedan with a manual transmission or automatic.
  • If you want to buy a sports car or become the owner of a regular car with a powerful engine under the hood, pay attention to the model.BMW7 E65. The car in its time revolutionized the field of automobile design. Production ended in 2008, but the model is still popular. Under the hood of the German stallion 7-liter unit, which, together with the automatic and rear-wheel drive makes the ride emotional. To become the owner of a miracle for half a million rubles is a real luck.
  • Finishing the ranking of used cars, worth 500 thousand, SUVHyundai tuscon. It appeared on the Russian market in 2003 and over the course of several years became the most popular crossover. In the secondary market, there are two modifications that differ in the volume of the gasoline engine. Versions running on diesel fuel, is difficult to find. The machine has front or all-wheel drive, mechanics or automatic.

Summing up, I would say that the Tuscon SUV was the best option. The model offers for reasonable money comfort, quality and a good engine, complete with drive and transmission.

If you want to become the owner of a classic car, in this case, the best solution is the Opel Astra. The model, due to its remarkable characteristics, is suitable for city driving on domestic roads. Do not buy a car with a robotic transmission, as in the case of repair will have to spend a lot.

In one article it is problematic to consider all models of cars that are sold for half a million. In the ranking there are no products of the domestic automotive industry. If you are unable to collect such an amount, then try to buy a car for 180,000.

Is it worth buying a car?

The final part will be devoted to the feasibility of purchasing a car. This question is important today, when the whole world is overwhelmed by the financial crisis.

Any thing has disadvantages and advantages, and buying a car is no exception. Becoming the owner of the iron horse, will have to give gasoline, which costs a lot. The owner is forced to solve issues related to the passage of inspection and search for a parking space. But a private car provides unlimited possibilities.

  1. By purchasing a car, get complete freedom of movement.Lose dependence on urban transport, do not have to adapt to the schedule of the subway or train. Having a car, you can at any time go on nature or shopping.
  2. The lack of personal transport does not allow to freely implement plans and ideas. Often there are difficulties with buying a ticket for a train or a bus.
  3. The machine helps to earn. For many, a personal car is a source of income, so they buy mobile and economical models of the urban class.
  4. If the family has a small child, the question of whether to buy a car, do not consider. When the child grows up, go to school, enroll in a gym or a club. Without a car can not do. If the family is large, buy a hatchback or wagon.

When thinking about buying a car, people are faced with questions regarding the feasibility of purchasing, choosing a model and servicing, and trust in Chinese brands. It is not surprising, because buying a vehicle, a person wants to be sure that the purchase meets the requirements and needs.

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I hope, the article will help to make a choice and keep within the stipulated budget.