What kind of food is better for cats?

You brought a pet, and now it is necessary to find out: what kind of food is better for cats, because you want your pet to always be healthy and cheerful.

To begin, talk about how to feed cats.

Feeding methods

Feeding ready-made feeds, which in turn are divided into classes:

  • Economy class. This type of feed is made from raw materials of not the best quality, besides vegetable proteins predominate in its composition, and to the extent that cats are predators, this does not benefit them. But many owners argue that their pets love these feeds, and this happens due to the fact that the feed is actively complemented by flavor enhancers and flavors.
  • Premium class feed, more balanced feed, more expensive than the order of the first class, but still more accessible than the feed of the next class.
  • Super premium feed. Fodder of better quality, with a high content of meat, for their preparation uses the best raw materials and technology compared to the above feeds.
  • Natural feed (own cooking).Their advantage is that you know: what they are made of, but such food cannot always guarantee balance. And the preparation of feed takes a lot of time.

In this article we will focus on what kind of ready-made food is better for cats. So, what to rely in choosing:

  • Feed class, it is better to give preference to premium and super premium feeds.
  • Price. Cheap food can not be high quality. But the road may be bad, so it is important to evaluate the feed and other parameters.
  • Firm, give preference to well-established manufacturers in the market, here are some of them: "Hill's", "IAMS", "Ralston Purina", "Royal Canin", "Nutro Choice", "Eagle Products".
  • Composition, and on this point we will stop in more detail.

Feed composition

Choosing which food is best for cats, you need to carefully study the composition of this food. It is important that the composition of the feed was not used byproducts. Since under this concept they are not using the liver, kidneys, and so on, which are familiar to us, but also the skin, bones, blood, feathers, and so on, but there is no benefit from these components. For example, the inscription "bone meal", says the use of bone meal.

The meat component should be in the first place, and its content is better not less than 25%.Speaking, the meat component is not always meant "meat", for the preparation of feed often use flour, it is better to take food, which contains the following inscriptions: meat - meat, meat meal - meat flour. In addition, animal proteins that are part of the feed should be at least two types (fish, egg, liver).

If the composition in the first place are cereals, then leave it on the shelf, why pay for expensive porridge? However, the composition of the feed often includes cereals, it is important that it was stated what kind of cereal is used to avoid use in the preparation of waste from cereal crops.

Of course, the composition of the feed should include vitamins, natural fruits, herbs and vegetables.

In addition, it is important to draw on the rate of feeding. The lower the rate, the better, the better the food, and accordingly it is less necessary in order to meet the daily need for your pet's food.

Food, if it is of high quality, should not contain dyes, caramel, sugar, cellulose, that is, everything that is just for volume.

The presence of preservatives suggests that food can be stored for a long time. So, you can buy it in large packages, but the presence of preservatives such as Ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, Propylgallate, should be excluded - they are toxic.

Tips: how to feed a cat

  • The feed should fit the cat according to its condition and age (adult, kitten, pregnant cat, neutered cat, etc.).
  • Always give water along with the food.
  • If you can not decide what kind of food is better to feed the cat, stop on any one form. Do not use natural and ready-made food - this is painful for the animal's digestive system.
  • Do not give your pet parallel 2 types of finished food, both from different classes and from one.