What kind of skirt suits full girls and women

First you need to decide on the length. It is best to choose a skirt just above the knees - this length will not shorten the legs visually, and will not add extra pounds (as opposed to the �mini�). Wearing a skirt to the floor is not the best solution, because it visually weights the gait.

The type of skirt is no less important than the length. For example, a pencil skirt. She occupies a leading position in the list of favorite women's things. She looks great on thin girls, and girls with curvaceous shapes. But last, choosing this model, you need to carefully look at your figure. If the main fullness falls on the hips, and the legs below the knees look slim, a pencil skirt of medium length will become an ornament to this type of figure. If you have a small tummy, you should choose a skirt with a high waist. If the fullness falls on the legs and below the knees, it is better to choose a skirt of maximum length.

There is another interesting version of the image for full girls - a blouse with a skirt-year.This is a wonderful duet: the skirt-year is fitted and extends downwards, which allows you to hide the curvaceous hips and focus on the waist. Be sure to comply with the length - just above the knees.

Girls with the figure of "pear", well suited skirt "half sun". Even a tulip skirt full of girls can safely wear with the observance of simple rules - the top should not be very lush, the narrowing of the skirt down should be smooth. In this case, the skirt should not be made of thick fabric, welcome length below the knees and high waist.

Recently, knitted things are becoming fashionable. This also applies to skirts. For full ladies, knitted skirts are not contraindicated, the main thing is that the drawing is not voluminous, otherwise it can visually add a few extra pounds.

Equally important is the color of the skirt. Dark tones - a classic version of the image. Dim things look elegant and visually make slimmer. A black denim pencil skirt and a bright blouse look great. But curvy ladies can afford skirts with prints. A successful combination will be a set of a year's skirt with a monochromatic blouse. You can also combine a pencil skirt with a color print and a cream spacious shirt.