a guest18.04.17 16:27

What movie to see?

Advise a good movie to watch. I want to see something from the last, good, I do not know what.


From a relatively recent advise to see "Passengers." Chris Pratt wins back perfectly.

Oh, class. I will look in the evening! Thank you!

From the last I liked the movie "Split" the most.

a guest22.05.17 16:06

thanks, I'll take a look :-)

a guest23.05.17 12:02

The last movie, which looked - "Bonfire on the snow." Our mini-series is quite good.

Passengers support, a very worthwhile film!

A voice of stone, nothing so

Loved the new Kong, standing.

Everyone is resting in their own way. But I personally try to devote more time to my hobby, so I don’t have any free time on the Internet and cinema. I do different crafts on my own at home, using ready-madehttp://leonardohobby.ru/ishop/% D0% 90% D0% BB% D1% 8C% D0% B1% D0% BE% D0% BC% D1% 8B / thumbnails. It turns out pretty good

I love musicals


If you love the classics, I advise you to see "Woe from Wit." The film is a little old, but interesting. If you want to have fun, but do not watch another bullshit, this is for you.In addition, these characters can not be forgotten, which only stands Chatka, briefly about himhttps://real-books.ru/russian-classics/aleksandr-griboedov/gore-ot-uma-obraz-chackogo.html.Look, you will not regret.

go to the premiere of the 2018 filmshttp://westernfilm.ru/premiere/, there you’ll surely pick yourself something from the newcomer, and suitable for the genre (because you did not indicate the desired genre)

I recently looked athttp://hdex.onlineThe medicine for death running in the labyrinth finally came out in a normal capacity, but it was in a not very watchable one. The film is what you need to watch.

Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 movie is already in HD qualityhttp://filmec.pro/250-strazhi-galaktiki-chast-2-c-06-04-2018.html. I personally liked it. The only thing is very colorful. Blue Yonda, Green Gamora, Drax is not clear color, and the golden race

I did not hear, I must see, I love Chris)

Passengers have already looked - cool

The film "Love and Other Circumstances" with Natalie Portman very much. Yes, and the protagonist is a man there is gorgeous. I advise you girls.

View the novelty of Lara Croft (2018)http://magicfilm.net/1155-lara-kroft-2018.htmlvery cool fighter with the main character Alicia Vikander. Interesting plot, do not waste your time. Enjoy your viewing: D

Last of all I liked Lady Bird and Away from the distraught crowd.