What make good?

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What make good?

Let's think about what to do good in life, so that there is no feeling and resentment for “aimlessly lived years,” as the well-known truth says. However, in addition to specific options that will also be offered to you here, you need to set a general direction of development. And to follow the right path is impossible without an understanding of the things described in the next chapter. Let's voice them.

What to do to make it good

As they say, not to do bad is good. And this is the true truth - if a person does not interfere with living others, he lives a correct life, since no one has such a right to interfere in the life of anyone without the knowledge of the person himself. Therefore, stop constantly pointing, stop harming and learn to think, first of all, about your own life. People either openly defective, or those who are trying to "do what is best." What comes out of this, you can see in the cartoon “The Hare Who Loved to Give Advice,” look at him.

This is a stunning depth of Soviet masterpiece, and, moreover, is not even a child. Well, now the next step - we bring benefits. To do this, first of all you need to choose an occupation that brings pleasure to ourselves. Perhaps for someone it will sound like a revelation, but everything that we do - we do mainly for ourselves. Do not believe? What are you working for? To earn. And why make money? To support yourself and your family. Why do you help others? To be honest with ourselves, we also help for our own pleasure and comfort, so by helping others, we help ourselves as well. Well, now the options - what to do.

What can be done good

Find an interesting activity that benefits you and / or others that will develop you as an individual. When I write these lines for you, I also develop and help myself - after all, do not be you, for whom, then, to write? It could be science, art, sports, or any other physical and mental work — in any case, it will do you good, and more often not only you. Do you want to be a doctor or a psychologist, a teacher or a coach? Well, these are very necessary professions, but in order to become a good specialist, you need to learn a lot.And having mastered these professions, you will help not only others, but also yourself. Protect nature, take care of people and animals, teach people, help them cope with their hardships - there is no greater joy than to see how a person or another being whom you have helped lives and rejoices. Decent mass classes, choose the soul - and improve in this business. There is no limit to perfection, but the line separating the professional from the amateur exists. And there is also interest in this - in its own development, which is much more exciting in real life than in any computer game. And since you are reading this article, it’s time to do something good, isn’t it? Most importantly, the occupation was:

  1. bringing joy and interesting to you;
  2. useful for yourself and others.

If the above two conditions are met, then, without any doubt, you will definitely do a good job. And the key, as always, is simple and complex at the same time - to stop being lazy and fussing. Laziness and bustle - our two main enemies, getting rid of which, we will make our activities much more productive.