What to do if a person is missing?

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What to do if a person is missing?

If it happened that your close friend, relative or simply acquaintance disappeared, a number of measures should be taken to find the person. Of course, first of all, you need to calm down and pull yourself together. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of searches.

What exactly to do?

  1. If the person you are looking for does not answer calls, then you should ring everyone who might know something about his whereabouts. These can be friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, etc.
  2. If personal contacts have not yielded any results and you still could not find the missing person, then you should start calling the hospitals. In some cities of Russia, a special state instance, the Accident Registration Bureau, was formed. By calling there, you can get up-to-date information about accidents in your city.
  3. Law enforcement agencies are an organization where you should definitely go if a person is missing and you cannot find it on your own.Moreover, the police are obliged to accept a statement regardless of the duration of a person�s absence. When submitting an application, you should have documents with you, as well as, if possible, any documents, photographs and a medical card of the missing person. In the application, specify as fully as possible: special signs, medical data, description of clothes, jewelry, as well as information about the circle of communication, possible enemies, offenders, etc.