What to do if dizzy

In a strong stuffiness, crush, as well as no reason at all, the head can spin. With a sudden severe dizziness, a person may even faint. What to do in this case? Here are some very simple steps everyone should know about:

1. If you are dizzy, you need to sit down, but rather lie down. It is important that the head is as low as possible, that is, in a sitting position, it is advisable to lean forward with your head down between your knees. If there is a possibility to lie down, do not put anything under the head (also, if possible, put something under your feet so that they are slightly higher than the head). Also be sure to unbutton or loosen the collar of clothing.

2. Provide fresh air into the room.

3. Buy liquid ammonia for your first-aid kit. If you have a tendency to dizziness, carry it with you, just like a small bottle of drinking water.

4. If there is an opportunity, ask others to rub your hands and ears, pour hot sweet tea.

Attention! Remember that dizziness can be a sign of a serious illness. If you fainted or just felt severe dizziness, especially if it did not happen the first time, consult a doctor. Among the causes of dizziness are not only banal hunger, overwork, headache, IRR or poisoning, but also such serious problems as stroke, otitis media, sinusitis, concussion, brain injuries, etc.