What to do if lost in the forest more often

Stay where you are.
If you get lost in the forest, because for some reason you are behind the group or wandered too far, stay where you are. No need to go further, since you only exacerbate the situation. Call someone if you have a mobile phone with you. Save his charge.
Answer noise to noise.
If you hear incomprehensible sounds, noises or rustles, shout and whistle in response.
Leave signals.
Make a hill of stones, and with the help of branches lay out the arrows. Knit pieces of clothing on trees. In the afternoon, try to go out into the open. Leave clear traces of your shoes.
Try to keep warm and strength.
Do not lie in the woods on bare ground. Try to make yourself a shelter of branches and leaves. At night, shelter dry foliage.
Be careful.
Do not eat strange berries and mushrooms. From sources try not to drink water. Think about what you will soon find, and you just do not have time to get hungry.