What to give a grandson?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
February 4, 2015
What to give a grandson?

Many grandparents love to pamper their grandchildren, so the question of what to give, for example, for the New Year, Birthday or Christening, arises very often.Let's see how you can surprise your beloved grandson.

What to give the smallest

Most likely, newborns need essential items. It can be a large package of diapers (by the way, you can even order a cake made from diapers - this unusual idea is popular today), diapers, clothes, strollers, etc. You can also give something that may come in handy after a while, but this it is better to talk with parents so that, as a result, there is no storage space for things in the children's room.

On Christening decided to give a silver spoon. If you wish, you can engrave on it.

Older children

If the child already has any interests, it is best to support him in his endeavors. Children 3-4 years love to tinker with different cubes, designers, robots, dinosaurs, etc.

At this age, many children begin to show their talents, so you can donate a set of magic markers, pencils or paints with an album or drawing board, a set for creativity (for example, "Potter").

Also on sale is a large number of game sets (for example, a policeman's set, which includes a toy gun, handcuffs, a walkie-talkie, etc.).

Of course, boys love to play with cars, so if you have no time to look for a gift, buy a car with a remote control or a regular one, but bright, so that it attracts attention. Analogues of the machines can serve as helicopters. It is even more interesting to play with them. Such a gift will definitely please your grandson at any age.

Any boy will come to indescribable delight from the LEGO sets. They can be found in almost any toy store.


Many schoolchildren still continue to play, so the above options are suitable for many.

Having received a welcome roller, bicycle or scooter as a gift, your grandson will love grandmother / grandfather forever.

Gifts for teens

Most adolescents certainly will not give up a cash gift and, most likely, they will be happy.On the one hand, it facilitates the task of the donor and allows the child to buy exactly what he has long wanted, but on the other hand, it is not very interesting. Teenagers will be happy with tablets, smartphones or video games - in a word, everything that is now fashionable and popular.

If you want to make a more original gift, go to the movies or to a game of football with your beloved grandson, if you haven’t spent time together for a long time. You can also contact a special agency in your city that arranges holiday greetings and holds unforgettable birthdays.