What to give a teenager?

To please a person who is at a difficult age is a difficult task. Often, teenagers themselves do not know what they want. Sometimes they tend to individuality, and sometimes they consider it a real tragedy if their smartphone is not as expensive as their peers. In addition, the interests of a teenager change very quickly, and this also reduces the chance of hitting the target by choosing a gift. But, nevertheless, let's try to figure out what to give a teenager and make him happy.


If you are not limited in funds, then you can buy some modern device. Young people simply adore technical innovations, and given the fact that these same innovations are being produced today almost every day, there will be no problem with a lack of choice. Even if a teenager already has an excellent smartphone and tablet, you can donate an e-book, player, cool headphones, etc.

Gadget accessories

Another win-win option, taking advantage of which, you don’t even have to spend much money - accessories for gadgets: covers, protective films, decorative plugs for the audio connector, etc.Also, accessories can include a gift certificate in the App Store or Google Play app stores.

The book is the best gift

There is a stereotype in society that teenagers do not like to read, but recently, happily, reading is becoming fashionable. However, it is difficult to guess which book a teen will like. Probably, the classics in this case is not the best option, you should choose from popular literature - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, etc. In addition, you can simply choose a modern good novel. How to determine which of the modern novels is good? Examine, for example, the list of Pulitzer Prize winners in recent years. In 2014, this prize went to the book “Goldfinch” by Donna Tart, telling about a teenager who lost his mother, and an incredible cycle of events that captures him after this tragedy. The topics covered in this book will be very close to the younger generation.

Little private space

The teenager loves to demonstrate his independence, and therefore the gifts hinting at his independence will turn out to be to his liking. These can be tickets to the cinema, to a concert or any sporting event.Excellent gifts will also be certificates for playing paintball or lazerteg.


Self-education today, like reading, is in fashion, only in this area is difficult to guess. What will fascinate your teenager - language courses, guitar lessons, master classes in Photoshop or dancing? If you know the answer to this question, you are lucky.

Individual style

Despite the fact that adolescents in one way or another copy the habits and manners of their peers, they still want to be individuals. Both the young man and the girl will always be happy to replenish their wardrobe. Of course, we do not recommend choosing a new T-shirt or sweater for a teenager, however, a certificate from a youth store will be an excellent gift.

Girls can also give a certificate to the store of lingerie, accessories, as well as perfumes and cosmetics.

With sports in life

Difficult adolescence is precisely the time when almost all young men consider themselves insufficiently muscular, and girls very thick. So, a certificate to a fitness club is a wonderful gift that will stop the suffering of both. However, it is desirable that the certificate includes the services of a trainer.Teenagers who do not really know how to work out simulators and what the load for them is correct, just need a qualified assistant.

Love yourself

Unfortunately, almost every first teenager suffers from an inferiority complex, considering his peers to be more beautiful and interesting than himself. A great opportunity to entertain his self-esteem is a professional photo session. In general, such a gift is more suitable for girls, however, many guys also will not refuse such a present.

With friends

Finding friends is probably one of the most important life goals of teenagers. Young boys and girls consider themselves to be successful if they are full of friends and acquaintances, and therefore the teenager will like a gift that involves spending time with friends, and this can be, for example, a board game. Just choose games more fun and more fun.