What to present to colleagues at work on February 23

For men, February 23 has long become such a holiday as March 8 for women. And on this day, they are waiting, though they hide it strongly, congratulations from women: his beloved wife or girlfriend, sister and colleagues.

In a friendly and practical team, women begin to prepare for this holiday in advance and contemplate gift options. There is a sea of ​​ideas and suggestions, ranging from souvenirs to large-scale outdoor activities.

Original greeting ideas for February 23

In the century of modern technology, few people are not registered in the social network. Some even have several accounts in different networks. A creative gift will be the creation of a fan group of male colleagues in one of the social networks. In addition to female colleagues, you can add to the group other ardent fans of men: their beloved girlfriends and wives, sisters, acquaintances. The warm words and wishes said in the group will undoubtedly surprise and delight your male colleagues.

No matter how many years a man has been, in his heart he still remains a boy.So give them the opportunity to once again plunge into childhood. Present them with radio-controlled helicopters and cars. Believe me, all day you will be watching their happy faces, and the workplace will become a race track.

You can please your colleagues with active rest, for example, organize a team game in paintball, shoot several tracks in the club-bowling, etc. The time spent with health benefits in a cheerful company of colleagues will make the team even more friendly.

Traditional gifts on February 23

One of the most traditional gifts are souvenirs. Souvenirs presented by close people always remind us of how dear and important we are to these people. The market of souvenirs offers a wide range of souvenirs for every taste. You can choose for each person a separate souvenir in accordance with his character or habits, or give the same gifts to everyone. If you prefer to make all the same gifts, then to buy souvenirs in bulk in Moscow will not be difficult. Moreover, buying souvenirs in bulk is more profitable, and the money saved can be spent on holding a banquet.

Banquet on February 23

To the banquet did not become boring gatherings, organize it in a certain style. Stylized party will make the holiday unusual and give a lot of positive emotions. For example, you can organize a banquet in the style of the Oscar, in the style of the Mafia or the Hawaiian party, etc.

There are a lot of ideas what to give to colleagues and how fun it is to celebrate February 23. It all depends on your fantasies and possibilities, lovely women.