What to take in the sauna?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
April 9, 2012
What to take in the sauna?

Consider the minimum set - what to take in the sauna ...

For personal hygiene:

  • Towel or bed sheet. In order not to "pick up" skin diseases, before sitting on the benches and sofas in the sauna, be sure to lay your towel! And it is better to take a few pieces (separately, which you can wipe off, separately - as a seat mat);
  • Slippers. They will protect against fungal infections of the feet and nails. Ideally, carry an antiseptic with you, handle your hands and feet before entering the sauna, and after leaving it. Antiseptic kills a large number of infections, including fungal.
  • Swimsuit, hat (unless, of course, you are going to have a naked party);
  • Personal hygiene products: personal washcloth, shower gel, shampoo. Do not use other people's means, take care of your skin!

For self-care:

If you want to leave time for cosmetic procedures, then take any emollient, cleansing agents (creams), as well as natural products, such as coffee, honey, pre-prepared masks.

For relax:

  • If you go to the sauna for a holiday, then take light salads, snacks, vegetables.After the "heavy" food the body is not in the joy of being in the heat and swim in the pool;
  • Alcohol I prefer not to take, in a sauna well and without it. But, if you need it - do not take hard liquor, otherwise you will quickly get to the "condition", and you can spoil your rest.

And most importantly, what to take to the sauna is a good mood, good company, or your soulmate!