What to wear

Appearing once in youth fashion, Hoodie is not going to give up their leadership positions. By the way, more often it is called just a sweatshirt. But the assortment removes all restrictions on this item of clothing: hoodie can be knee-length or barely reach the waist area, have a fur lining or be knitted. The main difference from the usual sweatshirts is the presence of a hood, because hood and there is a hood.

Dress in the style of leather

A soft, practical hooded sweatshirt is comfortable for everyday wear and was once associated with the subject of a teenager's wardrobe. A baseball cap, wide trousers on the hips and sneakers or sneakers with untied laces relied on her. However, the Hoodie was appreciated by young people older and even adults and the elderly, so fashion designers claim that everything fits into the skin style (convenience, comfort, freedom).
These concepts are different for people of different ages, so for a teenager jeans are appropriate, as free, so skinny, leggings, T-shirts.Women and men can wear hoodies for a morning jog or walk with a dog in combination with a tracksuit or breeches. For this, manufacturers have flooded the market with sweatshirts of different cut, sizes and colors. Young people will choose with a bright print, men - sweatshirts discreet tones, women - with embossed viscous.

Not only fashionable, but also stylish

Loose knit makes huddle up with a cardigan familiar to women. Recently, the Japanese began to wear hoodie below the knees. The classic colors will allow you to go out in such a dress not only for a daily walk. Short hoody is recommended to wear with classic trousers or a loose skirt to the floor. It can be both denim and woolen in a cage. Gentle light-colored sweaters look good with knit shorts or leggings. Only leggins rely huddle up to mid-thigh.
Hoodie fits any denim dress. It can be skirts, sundresses and even shorts. In cool weather, under such shorts you can wear warm patterned tights and high boots. As for shoes, they look stylish as they are hoodie in combination with ankle boots, half boots or high boots.Since the jacket itself is free and voluminous, ankle boots can also be on a high platform, a wedge heel or a rough wide heel.
From accessories fit sports bags and backpacks, fashionable glasses, wide scarves. Stylists advise not to subordinate hoody only sports style, trying sweatshirt with other articles of clothing. You can wear hoody-colored, plain-colored jeans for a party or club with friends: white, red, green or yellow. With a comfortable everyday jacket, it will not be defiant and stylish.