When is amber wedding celebrated?

Currently, very few happy families can live a long enough period of life together. For 34 years, married couples should really be very happy - not many families together before the amber wedding. 34 years old - amber wedding, most may wonder why amber? The answer is simple enough: in order to get amber, you need a lot of time-about a hundred years have passed to get out of ordinary resin this bright and beautiful stone.

The family, which was able to stay for so long together, is really amber, having passed all the trials of a long marriage life. At the time of Russia, amber was one of the most valuable stones, it often decorated any bride.

Amber wedding is also a pleasant opportunity to pamper each other by presenting various decorations made of beautiful stone. Amber is a kind of unique stone - it is not only very beautiful, but also capable of restoring the human biofield.Because of these abilities, amber is one of the leaders among the gifts to his beloved or beloved for the thirty-fourth anniversary of living together.

One of the places of honor for gifts to such a wonderful holiday, namely the thirty-fourth anniversary, is the most unexpected and pleasant gift: one that could not be in common use. For the beloved, not regretting the money, you can buy a very stylish and elegant dress of golden fabrics. And in addition to it, a pleasant time together.

Give your second half movie tickets, ballet, theater, gallery. Among all the visitors, it will be in the first place, both among you and the majority of those present at the event. She will feel like a certain star among the gray masses, and will appreciate your attention. Spend an unforgettable evening together, show her that for all thirty-four years spent in a happy marriage, your spouse is still the best and you are ready for anything for her.

A woman is much easier to find a gift to his beloved husband, as a man is always happy with all sorts of gifts. But if you fully go into the amber wedding, it would be nice to give your beloved a cane with an amber elegant handle, a bright amber cigarette case.

Also, your favorite companion will always be happy even the most ordinary gift, here should proceed from his usual hobby. Give him a new spinning, if he likes fishing, something to his beloved car, even the most simple disks will cause your narrowed body to have a lot of positive emotions.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 34 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).