When the whole house is firewood: an environmentally friendly building that deserves attention

The opinion that the place of firewood in the firebox is wrong. Proof of this are the landfills, the building blocks for which were the usual chocks. The cost of such a construction is much lower than that of log houses. The technology of construction is also not quite usual. At the same time, having set a goal, you can build such a house even with your own hands.

Clay: environmentally friendly, practical, profitable

Houses, the construction of which as the main building material use wood called alumina. Building such a method can not only residential, but also utility rooms. The main condition is that the wood should not touch, otherwise the wood may rot.

In this house a special microclimate. In winter it is warm here, and in summer it is cool.

The disadvantages of the construction of such material can be attributed to the complexity. A lot of time will go to the docking. But the result is worth it.

Used for the construction of completely dry firewood. Wood can dry out from 6 months to a year. Ideally, it is better to take wood of the same breed, since the density of a tree of different breeds is not the same, and therefore the reaction to moisture, the degree of shrinkage and swelling will be different.

Chucks of 30-40 cm in length are suitable for work. The length of firewood corresponds to the width of the walls of the future house.

In such a house will be quiet and comfortable. Wood is an excellent noise insulating material that allows air to pass through and traps moisture. If the tree dries out during operation, it is sufficient to seal the pencil slots.

You can use firewood in combination with other materials.

Perfectly combined chocks with a bar, solid logs, trimmed from artificial and natural stone. Effectively in such a house will look like glass inserts. Their presence will allow additional light to penetrate the house and add comfort.