Where is autoload in Windows?

March 10, 2015
Where is autoload in Windows?

There are special tools for setting up automatic launch of programs when Windows starts, but in fact many applications for loading with the operating system simply add their shortcuts to a special folder.

On where in Windows is "Startup", read our article.

How to find the startup folder

The specific location of the Startup folder in Windows may vary depending on the version of the operating system.

For example, in Windows XP, it is located at:

  • C: \ Documents and Settings \ Your_user_name \ Main Menu \ Programs \ Startup.

And in Windows 7, it has already moved to the folder:

  • C: \ Users \ Your_user_name \ AppData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Main Menu \ Programs \ Startup.

However, in versions prior to Windows 8, you can find “Startup” in the “Start” menu, in the “All Programs> Startup” section. But in the new operating system there is no this menu, therefore it is more and more difficult to search.

The easiest way to get into this folder is to press the [Windows (with logo)] + [R] keys and in the Run window that appears, enter “shell: startup” without the quotes, and then click “OK”.Then the Explorer itself will open immediately on the "Startup" folder.

You can add application shortcuts to a folder or, on the contrary, delete programs from here that you want to remove from autoload.