Where is Cuba located?

Elena Kasyanova
Elena Kasyanova
April 24, 2015
Where is Cuba located?

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Are you attracted to seaside resorts, exotic animals or a unique underwater world? All this can be found in Cuba. Do you know anything about this fascinating country? After reading the article, you will find out where Cuba is, what it is.

Cuba location

Cuba (Cuba) has the official name of the Republic of Cuba, unofficial since 1959 - this is Liberty Island. The capital of the state is Havana. Its coordinates on the map: 23 ° 08 'north latitude and 82 ° 23' west longitude. In the Western Hemisphere, it is the only country that has a socialist government structure.

Cuba is located on the island of Juventud (the seventh largest in the world) between South and North America. More than 1500 small islands and coral reefs that are located around, also belong to Cuba. They all belong to the group of the Greater Antilles.

On the map, Cuba is represented as a narrow land strip with a length of 1250 km, running from west to east. This island looks like a crocodile, with its head turned toward the Atlantic, and its tail toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Cuba is an island washed from all sides: in the northeast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the northwest by the Gulf of Mexico, in the south by the Caribbean Sea. The area of ​​the country is 114,524 square meters. km In the southeast, the Sierra Maestra mountains stretch from the country's highest peak, Turkino Peak, which is located in the south (altitude 1972 m).

The distance from Cuba to Haiti is 77 km, to the USA (through the Florida Strait) - 180 km, to Mexico - 210 km, to Jamaica - 140 km, to Moscow - 9590 km.

Cuba has the most beautiful coasts on the planet. There are more than 300 beaches. The peculiarity of the geographical position allows you to observe many convenient bays and deep bays.

The first European who visited Cuba was Christopher Columbus in 1492. Until the end of the 18th century, this country was a Spanish colony. The official language is Spanish, although English, Russian, and French are popular. Cuba is also famous for the complete absence of animals dangerous for people on land and in water.