Where to catch perch?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
October 28, 2014
Where to catch perch?

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Where to catch perch?

Perch is one of the most common fish. Along its body there are several transverse bands. Bright red perch fins. The best period of biting is April and May. The perch also bites well at the end of summer.

And now let's find out where to catch a perch.


Perch can be caught in:

  • Middle and small river;
  • River Bay;
  • The great lake;
  • Reservoir;
  • Shallow grassy lake;
  • Ducts.

Perch is well caught on the Volga, Klyazma, Akhtuba, as well as on the lakes Silent Backwater, Windy Pool, Forest Beach, Western Backwater.

More about the places of catching this fish can be found in the article Where is fish caught.

On the lakes, this fish is kept under the leaves of water lilies, among the reeds, often goes to the shores to hunt for fry. And on rivers, perch lives under steep banks, in bays and backwaters.

If you want to fish in the winter, the perch should be sought in small areas near the reeds. But after spawning, the perch should be caught at the bottom at a depth of 2.5 meters. In the summer, this fish stays near the koryag, in the middle depths, near the algae.In the autumn, the perch rises higher, therefore it is necessary to catch it from depths from one and a half to three meters. Large fish are usually no higher than 2.5 meters. Well, in the last month of autumn perch fall to the depths of three to four meters.

Catching a perch is best in the early morning.