Where to find happiness?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
December 19, 2014
Where to find happiness?

Happiness is a very vague concept. It is impossible to create a universal formula for this desirable state, since happiness for every person is a set of vital nuances that are exclusively for him.

Nevertheless, we can offer several ways to find this treasured treasure.

Where does happiness live?

In good deeds.

Perhaps, it will seem strange to someone, but happiness may well be waiting for you in the help disinterestedly given to someone, with all my heart a good word, honest and fair deed. After all, what can be more precious than complete inner harmony with your own conscience, the feeling that you did a really worthy job that someone needed, is important, valuable? Try, perhaps, such actions and they will make you rejoice and feel the ease of happiness in your soul.

In a relationship.

Just think how many people in the world remain lonely, unhappy, useless to no one. Could it not be a reason for happiness to have friends (albeit one or two, but really good ones),relatives who love you, the second half (even if not perfect at all), children (remember that many thousands of women around the world do not have the opportunity to have a baby)? Be happy that there are people in your life whom you care about, who know what you like, what you like, and why you are upset. There are people who can say “love” and hear “love” in response.

In health

Can you see, hear, smell and touch? Are you attractive, full of strength and energy? Can you afford to build a fortune without looking at the contraindications of doctors? Do you still think where to find happiness? After all, you already have it. Health is the greatest gift of fate, for which you simply must feel happy every day, minute, second!

In good cinema, music, literature

Learn to admire the artistic style of the author’s syllable and the imagery of his thoughts, the enchanting grace of the melody, the ingeniously soulful, inspired play of actors.


Mark Twain said: “Only about two things we will regret on our deathbed — that we loved little and traveled little.”There is every reason to believe a famous writer. Find joy in discovering new places in our planet.