Where to go in Samara?

“Ah, Samara-town! ..” - this is the name of the famous folk song. If Samara was founded as a guard camp in the distant 16th century, now it is the sixth largest city in Russia. At one time, Samara was the capital of the Russian Republic, but to this day Samara is a major cultural center of Russia, which attracts tourists from all over the country and the world.

If you are in town for the first time, then you will be interested in where to go in Samara In addition to the largest embankment in Russia, in Samara there are a lot of cultural places.


  • Restaurant complex "Russia", located on the street. M. Gorky, 82. In the center of the main restaurant hall there is a dance floor-aquarium in which mirror carps swim. There is also an oriental-style VIP room and a bar. The range of dishes of Russian and European cuisine, which will pleasantly surprise you.
  • MATRЕSKA PLAZA, another restaurant complex. It consists of several restaurants - “Milk and Chocolate”, “New York” and “Provence”. All restaurants have their own refined design and varied menus. MATRЕSKA PLAZA is located at 62a Yeniseyskaya Street. In addition to restaurants, there is also a hotel, fitness and spa.With a full list of services and their description, you can get acquainted with them.
  • Club-restaurant "Vinyl". For lovers of bright and active evenings and nights. The club employs famous DJs and plays modern music. A distinctive feature of the club - DJs play on vinyl records, which improves the sound quality. The club is located on the Moscow highway, letter D. More information about the club, look at it.

Entertainment complexes

  • Viva Land. A large shopping and entertainment complex that combines shops, a cinema, a bowling alley, a playroom for children, cafes and restaurants, as well as dry cleaning, a beauty salon and a sewing studio! In Viva Land, you can spend the whole day, and not get bored for a minute: but you can find it at 147, Kirov Ave.
  • Entertainment complex KIN.UP. Here you can find bowling, disco, karaoke, billiards. Near the complex there is a large parking for visitors to the car. If you are hungry, then in KIN.UP there is a restaurant and a cafe. Only in this entertainment complex there is such a phenomenon as IQ-cafe "Honey". In it, you can practice your wits and poraskinut brains. All dishes of the cafe are from delicious and healthy food. The complex is located on the street. Forest, 23. Read more about.

If you know what the city of Samara is, where to go with the child is not a question for you. There are a lot of museums and galleries, recreation centers and playgrounds. Here are just some of them:


  • (Leninskaya St., 142);
  • (ul. Kuybysheva, 92);
  • (Lenin Ave., 21).


  • (pl. Chapaeva, 1);
  • (Lev Tolstoy St., 109);
  • (Sadovaya St., 231);
  • (St. Leo Tolstoy, 82).

Galleries and stuff

  • (Nekrasovskaya St., 2);
  • (Soviet Army Street, 219);
  • (Novo-Sadovaya St., 146);
  • (St. Molodogvardeyskaya, 80);
  • (st. Frunze, 141).

Samara is perhaps one of the most interesting places in Russia. And now you know where to go in Samara. By visiting this city, you will receive an unforgettable impression and inspiration for the next few years.