Where was the island filmed?

Some films fall into the heart for a long time. Everything is good in them: the play of actors, direction, plot, landscapes and scenery. It is to such films applies "Island" by Pavel Lungin. He thought out to the smallest detail.

Location filming

The place for filming was chosen incredibly long. After all, according to the director's idea, this should be a distinctive and beautiful place in its severity. After several expeditions of the film crew, it was found in Karelia on the shore of the White Sea. The urban-type settlement in which the events unfold is called Rabocheostrovsk. It is quite small: 20 streets and 2 lanes - and very picturesque.

The village got its present name in 1933. He owes them a sawmill, in which all residents of the village and worked. People came here for the season, earn some money, but stayed for a long time. But the history of the village itself is slightly longer. People lived here long before that. When the Camp was organized in Solovki in 1923, Popov Island (as it was called before) became a transfer point for prisoners, for which the people called it “The Pier to the Other World” or “Hell's Eve”.

And although since 1936 the village has ceased to be used for such purposes, evidence of its dark past is preserved: a half-heated barge for transporting prisoners, a half-destroyed camp wharf and a preserved prison isolator building.

The director tried to minimally violate the filming of the infrastructure and lifestyle of the village. The operating navigation tower was remade into the bell tower. Several add-ons and one of the barracks were turned into a church. On the seashore built pavilions for filming. Here, however, and all the alterations.

Only two scenes from the film were shot elsewhere: for the ride Nastya and Tikhon in the train chose the Moscow Rizhsky railway station, and for the military shooting - the Volga.

Anyone can visit the village and stroll through the places where they shot the film "The Island". After the shooting, it was decided not to disassemble the scenery, so the "church" and "bell tower" remained standing in their places. Local resident Victor took advantage of the situation and settled in the church under the name of his father Varsonofy. He gladly conducts tours, showing tourists the coffin of his father Anatoly, an altar designed for filming.And at the same time and for the order looks. Many tourists believe the stories of an imaginary holy father and leave him money to maintain the same imaginary church. And the real church is called the Solovetsky Compound. It consists of three lovely wooden chapels.

In solar time, the gloomy atmosphere of Rabocheostrovsk does not remain a trace. Therefore, if you want to feel the mood of the film, come here in cloudy weather. The sky hanging above the sea and the piercing wind will create the right atmosphere.