Which gas panel is better?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
March 2, 2015
Which gas panel is better?

Gas panels have long become popular in many kitchens. Many prefer it to the gas panel conventional cooking or electric. It is distinguished not only by ease of use, but also by a faster working cycle. With its help, you can heat any pan or pan as quickly as possible, and the dishes cooked on fire always differ in their unsurpassed taste. But how to make the right choice? In this article we will look at which gas panel is better.

Best gas panel

Now let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of various gas panels.

Enameled plate

  • on the one hand, they are distinguished by a beautiful view, on the other - by a small price;
  • it is not at all necessary to choose a white enameled plate. There are other colors that you can choose for every taste;
  • fairly durable coating does not require special care;
  • However, this plate has a minus, namely aesthetic. If water gets on it, then stains may remain.It is also quite difficult to clean it from oil and other liquids.

Steel plate

  • has great strength, does not require special care, but cleansing it from liquids is not too convenient;
  • often stains and stains remain on its surface;
  • also the steel gas stove will be more expensive than enamel.

Tempered glass plate

  • The gas stove made of tempered glass is temperature resistant, and it is not afraid of aggressive substances;
  • requires special care. It is impossible for dirt to remain on the surface of tempered glass for a long time, otherwise scratches may remain on it when cleaning;
  • In addition, tempered glass is a relatively fragile material. In this case, not everyone can buy it - it is quite expensive.

Choice of gas panel

What gas panel is better to buy? First of all, you need to take into account the number of people in the family.

If the family has more than three people, it is recommended to choose a standard stove with four burners. And you should pay attention to such models, which have one ring with a double crown. Thanks to this hob, you can cook dishes twice as fast.It is desirable that the gas panel had electric ignition and included a gas monitoring system.

If you want to choose a gas panel that would be easy to clean, take the option with individual removable grills.