Who are heterosexual?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
April 23, 2012

The topic of sexual orientation in our time is widely and freely discussed in all circles of the population. Today, many calmly declare their belonging to the group of sexual minorities.

Well, one should not be surprised that, for example, on dating sites, when filling in a questionnaire, you will be asked to indicate the type of sexual orientation: hetero, homo or bi. To choose the appropriate option, you need to know who are hetero, bi and homo.

Bi-, homo- and hetero sexy

  • Homosexuality implies that a person chooses another person of the same sex as the object of his love. A man prefers to build a relationship with a man, a woman - with a woman.
  • Bisexuality is the sexual attraction of a person to both sexes. He likes both girls and boys.
  • Who are heterosexuals finally? These are people, as is commonly believed, with a traditional sexual orientation. That is, hetero attracts only to the opposite sex.

Who are heterosexual: the orientation of man in sexual terms

Heterosexuality is the sexual orientation of a person, in which he is attracted to the opposite sex in a romantic, emotional and erotic aspect. Men choose, or roughly speaking, want to have sex with women, and women - with men.

To denote a person’s heterosexual orientation, the term “heterosexual” is used. Most people in the world are just heterosexuals. This is natural, since heterosexuality means using mostly vaginal sex, which means conception and procreation.