What is a major?

Angelina Ivanova
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What is a major?

Everything in life can be generalized, classified or typified. We are not an exception. People are subjectively attributed to various groups: botanists, machos, vanilla, glamorous chiki, zauchki, trolls, cynics, etc. About majors say about individuals. Do you know who such a major is?

Who is called majors

As a rule, majors are young people who come from wealthy families. Rich parents left their son or daughter a lot of money or regularly supply them with them. So, adult children are scattered this money to the right and left, without giving them special value. Usually, if a person himself has earned a fortune, he will not waste money, knowing how hard it is to get material wealth. Majors, on the other hand, have a wild lifestyle, hang out with their own kind, believe that everything is allowed to them. It is this person called the major.

Bright representatives of the majors

  • Paris Hilton
  • Dana Borisova
  • Timati
  • Sergey Zverev

Who are the boy majors

Recently, you can hear about someone from the male half of humanity "boy major".What do people mean? What is he in their eyes? Boys-majors are the children of wealthy parents, on whom they are extremely dependent. These guys dress in expensive stylish clothes, ride on steep cars, regularly spend their free time in nightclubs, expensive restaurants, and at the university they live more to hang out with glamorous girls. A wild lifestyle - all of them.

Why are majors only among young people

Let's think about what a man-major is ... As we said, he is a child of wealthy parents who spoiled him. But parents are not forever.

If a person does not change his mind in time, and finances run out, he will simply be deprived of such enormous material wealth. Accordingly, which of its major? Adult loser who can not survive in this world on their own.

Another situation ... With age, he will begin to realize that money must be earned himself. And when he feels the taste of work, he will understand the price of money. So, growing up, he will cease to waste money and be considered a major.