Who is the fashionable high-waisted swimsuit?

Prepare for the summer to be in advance, especially when it comes to the beach season. To be fully armed, choose a swimsuit, paying attention to trendy models with an inflated waistline. But whether they suit you? Find it out!

Distinctive features

Swimsuit with a high waist has several features. The first is a high waistline, usually reaching the navel or completely covering it. The second feature is the belt on the panties, which provides a reliable fixation and a warning slipping. The third one is deeper leg cutouts compared to standard models.

Interesting fact! Such models appeared one of the first, therefore, so far they are positioned as retro swimsuits. But today there are a variety of options available, including modern and youth.

Do all such models go?

Who would suit a high waist swimsuit? First, girls with an hourglass figure, that is, with a marked waist and proportional top and bottom. Secondly, the owners of lush hips and buttocks.But they should choose options with elongated swimming trunks in the form of shorts, which will model the silhouette and mask the volume. Thirdly, the representatives of the weaker sex with a small tummy, which will be successfully hidden due to the adjacent high panties made of thick elastic fabric.

You should not choose a high-waisted swimsuit with full ladies: gum heats can squeeze the body, forming ugly folds. Girls and women with a “triangle” figure need to be careful: the model can create even greater imbalance by visually increasing the dimensions of the lower part and reducing the size of the upper one. When lean physique option is also not perfect, because it can further reduce the buttocks and emphasize thin legs.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The model emphasizes the waist, making the figure feminine and seductive.
  • Melting of dense fabric will help tighten the tummy, make it more flat.
  • This swimsuit will hide some defects: stretch marks, scars in the lower abdomen.
  • Models look stylish and fashionable, they are in trend for several seasons in a row.
  • Option may be suitable for the fair sex of any age.


  • This swimsuit is not suitable for everyone.
  • Models are not in all stores and collections of famous brands.

Making the right choice

How to choose beautiful and fashionable swimwear with a high waist? Here's what to look for:

  1. Top design. It can be made in the form of bustier, gang, top, bodice with straps or T-shirts. Bando will suit any owner of a slim body and small breasts. The bustier will emphasize a magnificent bust, but it must be elastic, as the model does not have additional support. T-shirt or top fit sports girl. A bodice with shoulder straps will emphasize the beauty of the breast and provide her with good support.
  2. Cut the bottom. Swim shorts will model the thighs and reduce their volume, and also give the image some naivety, chastity. Panties with enlarged notches visually lengthen the legs and fit miniature girls. And the higher the melting, the more pronounced the modeling effect.
  3. Separate or one-piece swimsuits? The first option is considered a classic and includes two parts: melting and top. One-piece swimsuit has a pronounced belt or, for example, jumpers or other details connecting the bodice and panties.
  4. Colour.Dark tones hide defects and defects of the body, visually reduce the volume and make the image elegant. These shades are tanned and light-skinned. Light colors favorably emphasize dark skin, but they show any impurities if they appear. And they are insidiously increasing the volume. Bright, sometimes even “acidic” tones are also suitable for tanned girls and attract attention, and on the beach it is quite acceptable and appropriate. Actual separate swimsuits, including two colors at once, often contrasting. It looks stylish, but such a division visually “cuts” the figure, so it does not suit the representatives of the weaker sex of short stature and with curvaceous shapes.
  5. Prints visually add volume and attract attention to the part on which they are present, and this can both be beneficial and play a cruel joke and spoil the look. For example, horizontal stripes increase the size, vertical - pull out the silhouette. Zigzags and geometric shapes can change proportions, so they are better placed in areas that do not interfere with additional volume. Polka dots are characteristic for retro-style patterns, but they are not suitable for everyone: a large print is very full, and a small print can merge with the general background and look motley and incomprehensible.
  6. MaterialsSwimsuits are made of the same fabrics, but you should pay attention to their density and elasticity: the denser and thicker the material, the better it will model the silhouette and hide flaws. Thin swimsuit can quickly wear or tear. Also, designers use various inserts from metallized fabrics, guipure, lace, mesh. Plastic or metal buckles, buttons, rhinestones, beads and stones are used as decor.

If you think that you suit a swimsuit with a high waist, feel free to buy it. Moreover, now you know all the features of the model and the rules of choice, and you definitely cannot go wrong and you will look stunning on the beach!

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