Why are fingers dumb?

Have you noticed that your fingers started to go numb? Let's try to figure out why the fingers get numb and whether there is cause for concern or it is not a very serious problem. To begin, consider the general issues regarding numbness of the fingers. Then tell about the numbness of the fingers on the right and left hands, and in the end we will pay attention to the numbness of the tips of the fingers.

Isolated cases or persistent numbness

Most often, a symptom such as numbness of the fingers indicates a violation of the blood circulatory system of the body. If you have long and often numb fingers and these symptoms do not go away, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor, because behind this lies much more serious problems.

If this happens infrequently, then the usual pinched nerve is likely, which is caused by an uncomfortable position of the hand during sleep, or when carrying weights. Such numbness usually passes quickly and is generally not dangerous. But in the case of regular repetitions of these symptoms for no apparent reason, you should not delay a visit to the doctor.

Why do the fingers of the left hand go numb

If you have a numb, middle or thumb of your left hand, then the problem is most likely that you develop osteochondrosis of the spine - more precisely, its cervical or thoracic region. In such cases, weakness of the hands is most often added to the numbness, and sometimes the pain that spreads on the outside of the shoulder or forearm. If the little finger or ring finger becomes numb, this may indicate a variety of heart diseases, especially if numbness occurs at night. In the worst case, numbness may be a precursor of an impending stroke, so you should think about contacting a specialist. If the left hand is working (for example, you are left-handed and you write a lot with your left hand), then the numbness of the fingers may well be caused by a banal overstrain.

Why fingers of the right hand grow dumb

Often the right hand is working, and numbness of the fingers on it can mean overload due to frequent repetitive actions. Numbness of the fingers is observed in those who write a lot, print or sew. Due to such movements, which people of these professions are forced to perform all day by the nerde, the fine muscles of the hand are overstrained.In order to avoid numbness of the fingers, you need to take breaks in the work, as well as stimulate blood circulation in the fingers with the help of simple exercises. Do not forget about adhering to a healthy lifestyle. If you work in the cold, take care of reliable thermal protection of hands. Buy or ask for nice warm gloves, as even a slight frostbite can damage your fingers.

Why do the tips of your fingers go numb

Most likely the cause of numbness of the fingertips is spring avitaminosis. If so, include in your diet foods with a sufficient content of vitamins A and B. If you do not, then in the future, a lack of vitamins can cause much more serious trouble. For example, there may be atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the fingers, the risk of which increases with age. Also, numbness of the fingertips can also indicate the presence of inflammation of the joints, endocrine diseases. If you have suffered any injury, then numbness may be associated with this.