Why are men just like children

������The causes of male infantilism are rooted in parenting. By their nature, upbringing is conservative and in many ways continues to follow traditions that were once necessary, but in the conditions of the modern world become vicious.
One of these traditions is to rejoice at the birth of a �heir� son more than the birth of a daughter. With such a reverent attitude to the boy, it is easy to break up for education according to the �idol of the family� type, it just leads to the formation of an infantile man who will always demand heightened attention and will not want to share his wife even with the child.

�Man and household chores

Another tradition is the division of household affairs into �male� and �female�. This came from peasant life, where it was justified: there was enough work for everyone, the work was equally divided between a man and a woman. But the modern city dweller does not go into the woods for firewood and does not do much else, which the peasant did in the early 20th century - things remained in his home life, which were traditionally considered �women's�.
Men�s duties are remembered only when you need to repair a stool, hang a chandelier or move a cupboard, but this happens from time to time, and you need to cook and wash dishes, to keep order in the house all the time. Traditionally, girls, but not boys, are taught to such work from childhood; therefore, adult men do not know how to do household chores and do not want to, as usual, assign them to their wives. Hence the male helplessness in everyday life.

�Computer games

Paradoxically, the men's passion for computer games is also associated with a rather ancient tradition - to treat the aggressive behavior of boys and girls differently.
In girls, aggressive behavior is certainly condemned and suppressed. For boys, it is condemned to a lesser extent, or even approved, as a feature of the "real man." Fight between girls is an emergency, boyish fight is the norm. Many parents may even blame the son if he has not beaten the abuser.
But here the boy, brought up in this spirit, becomes a man, and in an adult person aggression in the modern world is not encouraged and even punished by law regardless of gender.A man has to constantly suppress it in himself - perhaps this is one of the reasons for the lower life expectancy for men. In such conditions, computer games, which are mostly associated with military themes, became a logical way out: they provide an opportunity to show aggression in a socially approved way.
These manifestations of male infantilism have to be treated philosophically - it is impossible to alter what comes from childhood in a person. A woman needs only not to repeat the mistakes of her mother-in-law and explain in time to her son that a real man is a serious, responsible person, and not someone who uses his fists for any reason and does not touch the floor cloth.