Why big ping?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
March 11, 2015
Why big ping?

Often, players are faced with such a problem as high ping in the game. Ping is the so-called data transfer delay. This usually manifests itself in cases where a player tries to attack another player or the so-called mob. The game starts to hang, and often crashes at all. In this article we will look at why there can be a big ping in the game, what needs to be done to cope with this problem.

The reasons for the big ping

So, consider:

  • A large ping in a game can be caused by a busy communication channel. For example, due to the fact that you are downloading some files.
  • Also a big ping can be caused by router overload.
  • The third reason is server overload.

Based on the foregoing, the following recommendations can be made:

  • Try to turn off all instant messengers, clients for downloading files, and also browser.
  • Download the program. Deploy it and do the following procedures:
  1. In the address field “Address to Trace” enter the login.
  2. Now go to Trace Interval. Insert the value 1.
  3. Click the Trace button.

Now right-click in the program window and select a time interval. It is recommended to choose a time up to 30 minutes. After that, you need to start the game and look at the graphs that will appear in the program. The red lines in the graph show the loss of information packets. Black graphs show delays. This way you can understand the essence of the problem.

If red lines appear frequently, and the delay schedule is in the red zone, then the reason is poor communication quality. If the delays appear as soon as you start the game, then most likely the problem is with your provider or the game server.