Why can not eat much?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
March 21, 2013
Why can not eat much?

Everyone knows that overeating threatens to further overweight. At the same time, few people can know that being overweight is not the main problem. However, why it is impossible to eat a lot and what exactly the consequences of this addiction can lead to, we will discuss this further.

  • The walls of the human stomach can stretch to the greatest size, but this does not mean that you can eat as much as you want. In cases of overeating, the stomach will constantly stretch, as a result, you will feel hunger, and food consumption will increase significantly. Such a process in the future, will lead to excess weight.
  • In addition, overeating always negatively affects the pancreas, as it works almost on wear. In the future, there will be traffic jams, which leads to pancreatitis.
  • Overeating also affects the gallbladder not in the best way. It will sink cholesterol, which, in the future, can cause gallstone disease.
  • In addition to the process of overeating, there is also a number of products, the excessive use of which can lead to certain diseases.

Excessive egg consumption

The egg is considered the most frequently used product, but this product cannot be abused. Why can not eat a lot of eggs? This product is considered to be allergenic and it is not recommended to give them to children at a small age. Another reason is that this product contains a lot of cholesterol, which leads to diseases of the liver and gall bladder. A week is recommended to consume no more than three eggs.


Many sweets will be disappointed, but sweet also adversely affects human health. Why can not eat a lot of sweet? It is impossible to prohibit the use of sweets completely, as it can improve a person’s mood, however, we recommend a few to limit it.

The fact is that with a large consumption of sweets, a surplus of glucose occurs, which causes the production of insulin, which accelerates the synthesis of fat and protein. They are most often and will be deposited in adipose tissue.

A lot of nuts are unhealthy

Many people know that walnuts are products that are rich in nutrients. However, despite their beneficial effects, they should not be overeat too. Why not eat a lot of nuts? First of all, they can cause severe allergies. Also, walnuts are contraindicated for people suffering from psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema. To minimize their harmful effects, it is recommended to use them with dried fruits and not more than five nuts per day.