Why do ears burn?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 15, 2011
Why do ears burn?

Do you think the ears are burning because someone remembers you? Maybe so, but still there is a slightly different explanation.

It is easy to guess that the ears turn red due to the fact that they suddenly suddenly get blood. But why does blood suddenly start coming to the ears? And why do ears burn?

The reasons why the ears "burn"

Scientists at the University of Australia found that reddening of the ears due to blood flushing to them is associated with increased brain activity. There is a simple explanation for this: when the brain thinks hard, it needs more blood than usual, and the ears are close, so they blush. According to Australian scientists, the intensity of the color of the ears can even tell which brain is working more actively at this moment.

Pay attention to your child when he does homework or remember yourself in school during the checkout. Ears, in fact, were burning. Teachers even mention children who, during hard work in class, only the left ear is burning, but the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logical thinking.

How, then, to explain why the ears turn red with shame? Here, too, everything is simple. For any normal person, a dishonest or bad act is a kind of stress, and during stress, the blood actively enters the brain, hence the redness of the ears.

Ears can blush when you are hot. For the body, blood flow to the skin is a cooling method. If you feel hot, your skin begins to redden, it becomes hot, at which time it gives off heat. In general, during the heat, blood should flow to the skin of the entire body, but here it is worth considering the individual characteristics of the body and the blood supply of each person. And again, the heat - it is stress for the body and the brain, and during stress, as we remember, the ears also redden.

But there is not only a scientific explanation for this fact. People say that the ears turn red because someone scolds or gossips, or maybe just remembers you. And it is also believed that if the ears are burning, it means that you can (I apologize) get your ears this evening. Young mothers believe that small children have ears that are burning because they want to sleep.