Why do I need Russian?

The question of why the Russian language is needed cannot be answered in two words, since here it affects not only the language, but also the cultural aspect. Of course, we mean the literary language, that is, one that every self-respecting resident of Russia simply must know. In order to answer the question of why you need to know Russian, turned out to be the most complete, let's start with what the language is in general understanding and Russian in particular.

The main functions of the Russian language

As is known, the main function of any language is communication, that is, through language means, people can communicate and understand each other. Moreover, the more standardized a language is, the better is mutual understanding. The language norm is understood as a certain set of rules for pronunciation, word usage, grammar, etc. The norm is formed under the influence of several factors. As for our native language, Russian belongs to languages ​​with a clearly defined literary norm. This means that in Russian there is a certain vocabulary and grammatical “backbone”, thanks to which full-fledged communication is possible.In fact, we do not even always understand how powerful we are for expressing any thoughts.

Studying any language, and especially such as rich as Russian, can significantly improve such qualities as the ability to think and competently express your thoughts. That's why you need to learn Russian. And, finally, one more function of the Russian language - unifying. Our language is among the few that are often called languages ​​of international communication. This means that the Russian language in many countries is used on a par with others. Such a situation has now developed in almost all CIS countries, Russian is being actively studied in China, in some European countries. Thus, in order to fully communicate with foreigners, we must know our own language well. And here it is necessary to touch on the issue of learning foreign languages.

Want to learn a foreign language - learn your own! These are not empty words, but the real truth, even if it is bitter for someone. Mastering a foreign language without a good knowledge of one's mother is not just difficult - impossible. You ask: what's the matter? There are other words, another grammar, etc. Of course, but any study is based on comparison.If you really do not know what, say, the subject and the predicate, addition and definition, then for you the construction of English, French, German, and any foreign phrases will become a true torment. The same applies to the knowledge of parts of speech, even if the main ones - a noun, adjective, verb, pronoun. And for example, if you don’t know what the concepts of perfect and imperfect appearance mean in Russian, you will never understand the difference between French Imparfait and Passe Compose or English Past Perfect and Past Continuous. It turns out that no matter what language we take, and without our mother tongue, nowhere. Therefore, if you are going to write about why the Russian language is needed, the essay should necessarily reflect this moment, not to mention the fact that culture begins, first of all, with patient and thoughtful learning of the native language.