Why do men love a bitch?

Bitch in the eyes of a man is a passionate woman who knows exactly what she wants. She is headstrong, and her eyes amaze passers-by. It is hard to win, but men love the forbidden fruit. They understand that, on the one hand, they need a reliable companion, a loving wife, a caring mother, a good housewife, but on the other hand, I want to relive my passionate feelings again.

Male look

So, do men love the bitch? As the author of this article, I want to tell my story. I was married to a first-class bitch and divorced her as soon as I met a kind and sweet girl. I wanted to restart my life with a new companion. But sometimes I meet my ex-wife, and everything inside starts to boil. Bright moments come from the past, and I cannot fight them. A volcano rages inside me, and I like it, because life is becoming more interesting. Sometimes she becomes my mistress, but after, I understand that we will not be able to return anything. I again go to my new girlfriend, promising that this was the last time.


Yes, men love a bitch! They cause them to associate with bachelor life and great sex. They need to conquer all the time and match their pattern.

Female look

“Be a good, obedient girl and you will have a good husband,” we heard from parents in childhood. But for some reason they did not finish the sentence and did not tell that the bad girls (bitches), by the age of 30 - 40, take their husbands away from the good ones. You can’t argue against statistics: 12% of marriages lasting for more than 20 years break up because of adultery when husbands leave for bitches.

Still, why do men love the bitch? Why can't they stand and fall on their knees before them?

It is the usefulness and self-confidence that attract men the most. Not one bitch shows his weakness, never lowers his head, does not allow his emotions to take over. To be with such a woman - aerobatics, according to many men, it attracts them like a magnet.

My girlfriend was called a bitch all around. It was not clear to me, such kind people as she is now not often met. The reason is that after her beloved changed her, she did not take up a new personal life, but herself.She built a career, grew spiritually, no longer trust men. And they began to go crazy with her inaccessibility.

Bitch: what is she

The real bitch is in love only with herself, the greatest value in her life is herself. Bitch does not bind to anyone or makes an indifferent look. And every man is a hunter, he likes to dream and want what he doesn’t have.

Bitch will never allow himself to apologize during a quarrel, even if he realizes that she was wrong. She would not beg her husband to return, to keep him with common children. He will not allow himself to even think that he will not be able to live adequately without him. Bitch perfectly cope with everything myself and will be happy, instead of complaining and feeling sorry for themselves all day. With this she falls in love with the stronger sex. Every man feels with such a girl manly and strong.