Why does hair curl?

Tatyana Getmanets
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Why does hair curl?

All those who have straight hair, like straws, want them to curl overnight. And those who have curls on their heads, dream of a smooth haircut with straight hair. But the mystery of nature - why hair curls, and remains unsolved. Let's try together to understand this interesting question.

Curls curl, curls curl.

Well, firstly, curly hair is inherited. So, if you have a mom, grandmother and even great-great-grandfather were curly, then you and your children also have such �happiness� on their heads. Well, if there are no curly descendants in your family, then get ready to sleep all your life on curlers to see cute curls on your head.

So why did the hair curl in humans? For the experiment, you can take a hair from two people with straight and curly hair. Now consider all this under a microscope. What will we see? The owner of straight hair will have a circular cross-section, and a curly person will have a clearly flattened cross-section. Here are the explanations offered by scientists.

It was straight, and steel curly

And why did the hair begin to curl in a man who always walked and even was born with straight hair? It's simple. If before you were the owner of long thin hair, then most likely they straightened under their weight. It is necessary to make a short haircut, as light short hair "jump up" and start to curl. It also happens that after a perm for many women, their hair changes its structure a little and curls.

Well, and it happens - there was curly hair and, suddenly, straightened before our eyes! Why did the hair stop curling on my head? Most often straightens hair coloring. It weights the hair and changes its structure. Many shampoos and balms nowadays also have the effect of straightening hair, so when purchasing hair products, carefully read the annotation to them.

No need to grieve, and then the head zakrydavitsya

The condition, structure and color of hair is very dependent on weather conditions and the emotional state of a person. It happens that a person has experienced some kind of severe stress or has moved to another city, and here, please, the state of hair has changed dramatically.It is good if they are thicker and healthier than steel, but more often it happens the other way around.