Why does not open VKontakte?

Today, the social network VKontakte is the most popular in Russia and no less popular abroad. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people become its users.

In this article we will explain why VKontakte does not open and what are the ways to solve this problem.

Causes and troubleshooting

In general, there are a number of reasons why the VKontakte site may temporarily not function. Below we describe exactly those when problems arise from the user network. There will also be recommendations for troubleshooting.

No internet connection

Make sure your router, router or wired network connection is connected. If other websites or applications that work from the Internet are also running on your PC, check if they are functioning. If not, then you should check the network connection settings: either on the icon bar in the lower right corner of the screen, or through the control panel of your computer.If the problem cannot be solved by yourself, you need to contact the support service of your Internet operator. It may also turn out that your balance is less than zero, so all network connections are automatically interrupted.


The operating system of your PC needs real-time protection against various malicious programs if you are an active user of the Internet. Very often, problems with working with the Internet, such as page hang, lack of connection to the page, various system messages about the presence of errors occur due to a large number of viruses on the computer. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to periodically monitor your operating system with an antivirus program.

VKontakte users often encounter the following problem - when they try to log in to their account, a message flies before them saying that their page is blocked due to complaints from other users about sending spam. In the message you are also asked to send some text to the number 5577, after which the activation code should come to restore the page.Such messages are nothing but computer viruses. To prevent such messages from flying out when you visit the VC website, we suggest the following steps:

  1. In the "Start" menu, select "Run" and in the appeared line, enter the following "% SYSTEMROOT% \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts". Then open a new document in notepad.
  2. A document called hosts will open in the notepad window. Now carefully look at whether there is the address of the site vkontakte - vkontakte.ru. If yes, then delete all the lines where the site name is found.
  3. In the "Start" menu, open the "Search" window and search for the vkontakte.exe file in all files, folders, and computer drives. If it is found, delete it immediately.
  4. At the final stage, it will be necessary to scan the computer using the installed antivirus. If not, download a one-time utility, for example Dr.Web.

Invalid input in the address bar

Sometimes the VKontakte social network may not open simply because you entered the wrong address in the search bar of your browser. Carefully check the spelling of the address - vk.com. We draw your attention to the fact that the social network VKontakte has finally moved to a new short address.