Why does the neck hurt?

As a rule, pains in the neck of a young man or middle-aged citizen are caused by a lifestyle: patients do not move much, they mostly lead a sedentary lifestyle. This, in turn, entails stagnation of blood in the cervical region, overstrain, muscles numb, and the logical result is the deposition of salts.

It is clear that in order to improve the situation, it is necessary to minimize risk factors and begin therapeutic and preventive measures. But it happens that the pain in the area of the sheath is caused by the symptoms of systemic diseases of the whole organism. Experts claim that pain, as a rule, disappears within two weeks, less often - lasts up to three months. So why does the neck hurt? Here are the possible reasons:

One of the reasons is the development of diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis, as well as injuries of the ligaments and muscles of the neck (feeling when the muscles of the neck and back ache). These pathologies occur regardless of the age of the patient and his / her gender. As a rule, the concentration of pain occurs in the ligaments, joints and intervertebral discs.Late treatment can later turn into changes in the tissues of the joints, which, in turn, will lead to the development of torticollis, herniation of the discs and other diseases. In addition, diseases are "getting younger" and increasing momentum. For example, the incidence of osteoarthritis has become much more over the past few years. Keep in mind that intervertebral discs C6-C7 and C5-C6 are most affected.

Overstressed muscles can also cause pain. This is a frequent result of excessive physical exertion or, on the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle. The second case is much more common. In medicine, this is called "static load", due to which muscle spasm occurs. The option of "lying down" neck or "inflated" also belongs to the category of muscle overstrain. Pain of this nature rather quickly pass. In case this does not happen, it is worth contacting the doctor to the problem.

A disease like a herniated disc also causes pain in the neck, but pain also goes to the shoulder. The cause of the pain is that the hernia squeezes the nerve root strongly, and the impulse goes through the whole limb.As soon as you feel exactly such pain, immediately consult a doctor! If you neglect your own health, the limb may be partially paralyzed.

If the neck hurts from behind for a long time (more than a month) and the pain in this case gives into the arm, then diseases that cause discomfort can be as much as you like. The exact cause can be determined only with the help of laboratory tests. So it could be:

  • Result of mechanical damage to the cervical spine
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Benign or malignant tumors of the spinal cord, back muscles
  • Craniospinal abnormalities
  • Spinal metastases due to thyroid, prostate cancer, mammary glands, kidneys and lungs, and also due to melanoma.

So the conclusion is one: no self-treatment! Immediately go to the doctor with symptoms and understand, together with a specialist, why the neck and head ache.

With the pain of the front surface of the neck diseases are possible:

  • Heart attack
  • Angina pectoris
  • Inflammations and tumors in the brain
  • Zagothy abscess

Spinal canal narrowing or cervical myelopathy. Occurs due to the expansion of the ligaments of the back, the displacement of the disk, the formation of spikes on the bone.The disease can be completely painless, but weakness, numbness of the limbs, dysfunction of urology and childbirth will be accompanied.

Systemic disorders of the body:

  • Rheumatism
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • rheumatic polymyalgia (sore neck on the left, behind and below, or a pain in the shoulders)
  • fibromyalgia
  • depression.

Consequences of injuries and accidents when pain in the neck occurs during a sharp turn, and then continues when turning in the same direction.

Inconvenient position of the head, for example, when a person holds it for a long time in a slope. Needlewomen are very often affected (embroidery, knitting, and so on). To stop the symptoms, you will have to re-equip the workplace, making it more convenient for work.

Consequences and course of infectious diseases (mainly observed in children): tonsillitis, meningitis, polio, pneumonia. Keep in mind that the causes of neck pain in children and adolescents may differ from adults. For example, to indicate early rheumatoid arthritis or acute wrinkles. Of course, with this kind of ailments, joking is extremely dangerous. No self treatment! Only a specialist will be able to assign appropriate tests to identify the cause of pain, and then - and competent effective treatment (massage,physiotherapy, drug treatment). Help with the diagnosis can:

  • Rheumatologist;
  • Therapist;
  • Traumatologist;
  • Orthopedist;
  • Chiropractor;
  • Physiotherapist
  • Neurologist.