Why dream body?

Olga Kravchenko
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Why dream body?

A dream in which a majestic organ dreamed was usually well remembered and impressed. But how to treat such a dream? What dreams body for men and women?

Such a dream is often interpreted depending on which melody is played on the organ. If in a dream you hear a solemn and beautiful melody, then it foreshadows long and strong friendships, as well as good material wealth for a long time.

Gentle, harmonious music played on the organ promises you quick glory, universal admiration and financial well-being. But to hear the sad melancholy melodies and songs - a sign extremely bad. You can expect the loss of friends and their reputation in society, as well as many unpleasant troubles.

How to interpret a dream in which you see an organist? This dream means soon the abundance of troubles and troubles due to the rash act of one of your friends. A woman who sees herself as an organist in a dream should prepare to cool her relationship with her beloved, but it will be her fault.Perhaps you should temper your requirements for it.

Seeing oneself playing music on the organ symbolizes the need for rest and peace of mind for everyone else. Another meaning of such a dream - in the near future you will become a prominent position in society, will receive a leadership position.

To see the organ inside the church - to sad, sorrowful events, especially in the dreamer's family. Quarrels and destruction of the family, diseases of relatives and relatives are possible.

Also, according to one of the dream books, to play the organ - to the death of a distant relative, and to hear the game on the organ - to receive a good inheritance.