Why dream of a ticket?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 16, 2015
Why dream of a ticket?

People in a dream see different objects and phenomena, and when they wake up in the morning they try to figure out what their dreams are talking about.

No exception is the dreams in which they see different tickets. But how to interpret such a dream, will be discussed in our article.

Ticket in a dream

The value of this dream can be interpreted in different ways depending on who dreams about the ticket. In general, "ticket" means a change for the better or for the worse.

Ticket girls / women

By purchasing a ticket for a vehicle in a dream, the girl will soon survive parting with her family, and if we talk about a lottery ticket, then it is to well-being and good luck in her activities. A ticket to a performance means disagreement with friends, but easily surmountable. If you dream of a large number of tickets - good luck is not far off.

An exam ticket foreshadows difficulties in learning, for overcoming of which it is necessary to work long and hard.

For a married woman, a transport ticket can bring problems with home appliances.A ticket for railway transport can talk about quarrels with her husband, and an air ticket - to improve relations. If a woman tears up a ticket, then she should relax and unwind (meet her friends, go on a trip or visit relatives in another city).

Ticket guys / men

What does a guy dream about? If a guy buys a ticket for a train or a plane, then this is a quick move up the career ladder. In contrast, the lottery ticket pays attention to the fact that the guy must start living on his own, without relying on the people around him. A lot of tickets in hand says about happiness in your personal life. If in a dream a guy tears up a ticket - a disagreement with friends or with his beloved.

For an adult man, only a lottery ticket can have any meaning. A ticket acquired in a dream may portend a deterioration in the career, presented, on the contrary, an improvement. If in a dream a man presents a ticket to someone as a gift, then you should think about your behavior, if you just see something, then about the behavior of your wife. An elongated ticket can foreshadow an improvement in material condition, if there are two tickets, then there will be a difficult choice.In any case, having seen a lottery ticket in a dream, the man must first of all pay more attention to the work.